Intermedia: SoundBox

Category : NEKOART STUFF May 17th, 2013


At ASP Intermedia I’m focused on immersion. My project is about creating 360 interactive space. For now it is prototype of interactive music instrument SoundBox. Work in progress…


I had lectures at ASP Intermedia Faculty, explaining what is all about.




Category : NEKOART STUFF Apr 20th, 2013


Artbuzz is open workshops about graphics design, 3D, new technology and web techniques. What is more there were lectures about postproduction and special effects.

Mapping workshop

Category : NEKOART STUFF Apr 9th, 2013

Workshops made at ASP Interior Design were about mapping in industrial spaces, not only on buildings but also on geometric differnet shapes. This make an ilusion of 3D and made objects alive:)

3D printing

Category : NEKOART STUFF Apr 6th, 2013

This time I took part in 3D printing meeting, made by Hackerspace. We’ve printed few basic models, scan people in 3D usign kinect…

If you are interested in 3D print, have a look at And if you’re in Cracow come to Hackerspace:)


UX Design @Google

Category : NEKOART STUFF Apr 4th, 2013


I attended UX Design workshop made by Olena Miliutina from Google. This was about heuristics and types of jugment of how useful user interface is. Great lesson and of course new connections!

Here are some links, if you want to know more:

uxdesign -Maciej Lipiec blog

Research by Jacob Gube 

10 Nelson’s heurictic

TedxWarsaw 2013

Category : NEKOART STUFF Mar 21st, 2013

I am happy to announce that I attend TEDxWarsaw 201tedx-warsaw3. This conference tilled Poke the Comfort Zone was so inspiring!

TEDxYouth@Krakow team

Category : NEKOART STUFF Mar 9th, 2013


I joined TEDxYouth@Krakow team. I’m responsible for recording event, hold on 16.06.13. Stay tuned!


Category : NEKOART STUFF Mar 1st, 2013

Have done what I wanted for so long time. I would like to present Wersal -Wersalkowy Klub Filmowy. For watching films, for friends, for fun:))

Open Coffee KRK

Category : NEKOART STUFF Feb 21st, 2013


Un-meeting for entrepreneurs, poeple who are interested in startups, students, artists and all those who want to share ideas, tell stories, hang out or just listen to what is the hotest in technology, marketing, design… Someone want to hire graphic or game developers, other is looking for colaborate in different projects… I joined Open Coffe KRK and it’s really kicking my mind, that ideas can indeed become a prototype and  then a real thing.

Wanna join? Open Coffee, space provided by Google for Enterpreneurs.


Category : NEKOART STUFF Jan 26th, 2013


Hackerspace is a place for all people who are crazy about inventing new solutions, keen on new technology, digital or electronic art. As I’m connected with ASP Intermedia, I wanted to somehow combine art and new technology. Here it seems to be possible. On Arduino workshops, in space provided by Google for Entrepreneurs, different things have been created, like walking robots, face-fallowing camera or sensor detectors. So far, I created with my friend binary clock, that showed hour, minutes and seconds by lightning the small diode. A lot of fun in amazing geek&nerd atmosphere that I really love.

See more on Hackerspace Blog

Mudbox sculp

Category : NEKOART STUFF Jan 16th, 2013


Fresh work in Mudbox. See more… 


Category : NEKOART STUFF Jan 7th, 2013


Intermedia departmend of ASP in Cracow started cooperating with MOS (Małopolski Ogród Sztuki). This is open space for artists, designers and those wo just love art. Here, through the use of technical solutions – it is possible to connect the various areas of modern art. Hope we will have got opportunity to participate in various events and maybe make there Exhibition…

Academy of Japanese Cinematography

Category : NEKOART STUFF Dec 4th, 2012


VII Academy of Japanese Cinematography, hold in Museum of Japanese Art and Technology Manghha. This time all projections are adaptaction of Japanese literature. Movies about Kojiki, story of 47 ronin, about Misashimi Miyamoto, books written by Sh?saku End? or Yukio Mishima… All are worth seeing. Especially if you are jap-film freak, as I am!

Nawarstwienia historyczne

Category : NEKOART STUFF Nov 19th, 2012


During III Forum of Nawartwienia historyczne miast Europy Środkowej, I was a reporter. One day and 46 interviews made for short video virals. Big advertisement for next such an important event, and… I set my record of interviews per day ;)
You can see it here.


Audio Art

Category : NEKOART STUFF Nov 17th, 2012


Audio Art Festival in Krakow shows new concept of sound. Experimental concerts, performance, installation and visual arts of XX/XXI century. During the concert in Bunkier Sztuki, we were played on laptops, with composer and sound artist Hans W. Koch. Interesting experience that broaded my mind.


Category : NEKOART STUFF Nov 14th, 2012


I would like to invite you to read my blog Ichinichi about living in Japan. I went there as a teacher in kindergarten, stayed with japanese family, traveled, tasted… but the most important was that I have learned different culture. I wanted to show how it looks like, maybe inspire you that dreams in deed may come true.
During my stay in Japan, I have always had a camera with me, I took thousand of photographs, moreover made hours of video materials. Now I am working on photo exhibition as well as movie about Japan. Stay tuned!

Go to

Live Broadcast

Category : NEKOART STUFF Oct 22nd, 2012


Final meeting of evangelization campaign “Jestem” took place on Cracovia Football Stadium, where more than 10 thousand people came. As a part of live broadcast realisation group, I was communicate with five camera operators and editing video material during the event. So cool! Video realization produced by Grupa6, project made by Dragonfly Studio.

Cabaret PUK

Category : NEKOART STUFF Oct 19th, 2012

See paradocument made for Cabaret PUK for Cabaret Festiwal Ryjek, were I was one of director.

John Cage Conference

Category : NEKOART STUFF Oct 16th, 2012


Creator, reformer, designer and philosopher, John Cage. He changed forever fields of music, poetry, philosophy, art, dance, media, event… After 20 years since John Cage death, there is conference about him, with his idea of total instruments, happening, graphic notation and of course silence. And as Orchestra ElektroNova we made a John Cage’s Imaginary Landscape IV (1954), Concert for Piano and Orchestra (1958) and Laptop Ensemble 4’33” (1952).

ASP Intermedia

Category : NEKOART STUFF Oct 1st, 2012


I am happy to announce that I got to Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, faculty Intermedia. This is connected with digital creation studio, video and animation, 3D technologies, audio art, performance, new media and so on… Now my head is full of creative ideas…


Category : NEKOART STUFF Sep 30th, 2012

I’m happy to present project made for evangelization in Cracow. It was a pleasure to be part of crew of film production that made video for campaign Jestem.

Przeglad Filmow Gorskich

Category : NEKOART STUFF Sep 18th, 2012


Welcome to the 17th Przegląd FIlmów Górskich (Festival of the Mountain Film Review) in Ladek-Zdroj, the largest and oldest event this kind in Poland. This year’s edition include film screenings, meetings with famous people and as always concerts, parties ans so on… This time everything what has happened is also on the screen -we are creating a festival TV!

Shake & Bake

Category : NEKOART STUFF Aug 11th, 2012


Shake & Bake is the first place in Krakow to combine a milkshake bar with cosy cafe. There are not only traditional shakes, but also you can mix any sweet and make you own, unique shake! There are home made cakes too. Working there as a supervisor, I’m trying to create atmosphere, for you. See U in Shake & Bake ;) And see my photographs here.

Relax. Have a shake.


Category : NEKOART STUFF Apr 16th, 2012


Finally my dream come true, I’m now in Japan. Working in  Hikarigaoka Kindergarten as an Engilsh teacher, this is a big challenge for me, but I’m so exciting!

Fascinated by japanese culture I try to figure out how it looks like now, compare reality with a ton of books I’d read. Are they telling the truth?

Living with great japanese family, eating a huge amount of sushi, speaking only in Japanese… I’m learning how to live in completely different culture. And enjoying every single moment! Such a great adventure!

TEDx Warsaw

Category : NEKOART STUFF Mar 22nd, 2012


TEDxWarsaw is a local, independently organised TEDx event, operated under license from TED. The nonprofit organization TED devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. 25 years ago was first TED conference in California. Later TED has grown to support those world-changing ideas with multiple initiatives. On TED conferences leading thinkers are speaking for 18 minutes. You can see all conferences at for free.
In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.

This year I could participate in TEDx Warsaw (where x is independently organized TED event) “Inspire to be Inspired”, where speakers talk about new technology and design as well as important topics and interesting stories of their life. Moreover there were music performances, like F.O.U.R.S. which made this event more exciting. During the breaks we could meet new people and share our experience.

Mercedes commercial

Category : NEKOART STUFF Mar 3rd, 2012


As a part of Group 6, I would like present commercial made for Mercedes contest directed by me. The slogan Say ‘A’ was the main topic for creating short commercial.

Grolsh commercial

Category : NEKOART STUFF Mar 2nd, 2012


I am happy to present commercial directed by me, as a part of project of Group 6. Made for Grolsh competition.

Elfi Szept

Category : NEKOART STUFF Feb 12th, 2012


On the website Elfi Szept you can find my hand-made jewelry. Most of it is decoupage technic, one of my favourite.

Welcome to reality

Category : NEKOART STUFF Feb 10th, 2012


The idea of Welcome to reality (Witajcie w realu) is taken from Hyper Island school from Sweden. This is unusual and very inspiring way of education of digital media. On the series of Welcome to reality meetings people from digital industry, designers, interactive and ad agencies employees and menagers, talked about their work, new technology and media, presenting projects and solutions that can inspire others.

“There is a common situation when student who graduates and starts work, finds himself/herself in the totally different reality. Many times employer demands different things than those which he/she picked up during studies. Through our meetings we would like to bring near (and also get to know) the reality of (still new) digital media industry, its atmosphere and needs. It sounds a bit proud but most of all it should be practical and inspiring. We hope it will be :)”/Welcome to reality.

This time owners of Pan tu nie stał company told about history, idea and their projects, moreover we heard about web television ISTV, how it is made, grow up and what is really important to make interesting television nowadays.
More info at

Stop motion

Category : NEKOART STUFF Feb 4th, 2012


As a Group 6 we made a stop motion animation for Grolsh competition.