Escape Studios Nuke tut

Category : TUTORIALS Dec 10th, 2015

3 tutorials form Escape Studios, about new features of some nodes in Nuke 9.

The new motion estimation algorithm in KRONOS 2 improves the quality of your retimes, giving you a smoother warp with less artifacts and improved image reconstruction. NUKE’s Oflow tool has been further integrated and enhanced to give you new control over retime curves in the source time range, combining to give you concise, intuitive control over your speed ramps. Both features have been GPU accelerated.

Vector Generator & Motion Blur
Based on KRONOS 2, the new Vector Generator comes with improved quality vectors based on the new motion estimation algorithm. It also provides Blink GPU acceleration. Motion Blur 2 also provides you with faster and more accurate results, as well as Blink GPU Acceleration.

Planar tracker
NUKE STUDIO and NUKEX’s Planar Tracker allows you to track areas in your image sequence that lie on a plane. You can quickly place new 2D elements on a flat surface, such as the face of a building, the floor or the side of a car, and then automatically animate with correct perspective as required.